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Hi! My name is Natalia, I am the owner of Wilde K9. Below is a little bio about myself, so you could get to know me some more!
I have 5 rescues; four dogs and one cat.  I love training with them, and I love nothing more than adventuring with the crew!
I started Canine Country Chews in 2020 and as of April 1st 2023, I opened a store front + dog boarding + day care facility –  known as Wilde K9.
Canine Country Chews is my personal in-shop line of raw and dried treats & chews.

There is nothing I enjoy more than dogs, so I decided that I will start following a path in something that I have a passion for — raw feeding & providing care for dogs.


Raw Pet Food
I love that I know exactly what I’m putting inside their bowls. Since starting raw feeding 2019, I have seen huge changes in my dogs allergies and gut sensitivities and never looked back.

I have done pet nutrition courses to expand my already vast knowledge on raw feeding, and have decided to open up a small business selling organ meat, muscle meat and bones and single ingredient dehydrated treats and chews.

In a raw diet, it is very important to feed high quality organs (they hold a lot more beneficial nutrients that your dog will thrive off of. Antioxidants and omega-3s, such as heart, tongue, kidney, liver, gizzards, lungs, testicles, pizzle etc.

Our CCC products are free of antibiotics, hormones, steroids and preservatives.

Dog Boarding / Day Care
I have had dogs since the age of 3, and didn’t spend a single day away from a dog since.  Growing up I have dog sat family dogs as well and I’ve always been known as the young daughter in the neighbourhood that walks the family dog and that’s how I started my first gig in dog walking as a teen!  When I hit 20, I started doing dog walking professionally and started my own dog walking business.  I have now been doing that as a part of my career for the last 8 years; offering house sitting, dog boarding and dog walks. (The other half I do is Aesthetics – I am also a Skincare Specialist + Laser Technician – interesting mix between careers right? I love both of my jobs dearly).

As a next step in my business, I have opened Wilde K9 – to offer care for multiple dogs at a time (more than I could ever fit in my home). At Wilde K9, I only take in a maximum of 10 dogs a time – this is so I can focus on each dogs individual needs and ensure all dogs in care are not overwhelmed, or stressed in larger groups.

Through 15+ years of experience, I find that dogs are their best selves and thrive when they are given a schedule.  Our routine/schedule is listed under our Boarding/Daycare tab – click here

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