Fecal Testing

Why does my dog need to do a fecal test to attend Wilde K9?
We are practicing best measures to make sure your best friend is as healthy as can be. Due to this, we require all of our clients for day care and boarding to be clean from parasites including Giardia.
Fecal testing is done at your vet clinic - Call them and ask if you can bring in a stool/fecal sample, and then you can bring it in a regular poop baggie. Remember, fecal samples need to be dropped off to your vet within 4 hours.

Fecal exams are used to determine if your dog or cat has intestinal parasites such as tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms, and microscopic parasites (such as Giardia or Coccidia).

 Parasites not only make pets uncomfortable and irritable, they could lead to more serious conditions for your pet or even be transmitted to family members.


  • protects your pet and family from harmful parasites
  • prevents major health issues from parasites not being treated
  • early detection helps avoid costly treatments
  • supports your pets health


  • It is a requirement for all dogs attending Wilde K9 to have a fecal test done once a year (or before attending)
  • Fecal results must be sent to us from your vet (email to contact.wildek9@gmail.com)
  • Dogs who test positive for parasites need to be treated to attend and are unable to join us until they re-test negative, as parasites are contagious and easily spreadable
  • It is the owners responsibility to schedule a fecal test in advance just in case your dog needs treatment which can take up to 2 months. If your dog is scheduled in to stay with us and you need to cancel, please do so 3 days before your stay to avoid a cancellation fee (or 5 days in advance for long weekends/holidays).