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Wilde K9

100g Duck Breast Trainers

100g Duck Breast Trainers

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Amount: 120g

Ingredient: Air Dried Free Run Duck Breast


  • Free of antibiotics, hormones, additives and preservativesThis single ingredient product contains only real meat that has been sliced and dehydrated to create a treat that is chewy and irresistible.
  • This all natural product delivers 55% protein and provides a taste and aroma that both cats and dogs instinctively crave.
  • High in protein, Duck Jerky is a delicious treat that can be used as an everyday reward and is suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes

Feeding: fed as training treats. Safe to use a larger amount as it is a muscle meat.

Storage: 3 day shelf life, 1 week refrigerator, indefinitely in the freezer. (item is preservative free)


We try to reduce waste as much as possible. In an effort to do so – if you order multiples of the same product, we will package them in the same bag if possible.  If you wish to have them separate at 80g a bag, please mention this at checkout. Otherwise, multiples of the same product will be bagged together ?

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