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Wilde K9

Bully Stick

Bully Stick

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Amount: Sold by the piece. Comes in a variety of different sizes, read below for a guide

Ingredient: Bull Pizzle


  • 100% single ingredient: free of antibiotics, hormones, additives and preservatives
  • Bully sticks remove tartar, reduce bacteria on teeth and promote strong jaw muscles
  • stimulate a release of endorphins, promoting good mental health

Feeding: fed as treats. For intermittent and supplemental feeding only

Storage: 3 day shelf life, 1 week refrigerator, indefinitely in the freezer. (item is preservative free)


*sizes vary in length and thickness, they are calculated by density | approximately 8″ to 14″ long

S:  (approx 6″ to 10″ long)
M: Light or Regular Density
L: Light, Regular or Hard Density
100g: These are snack size pieces that vary in size. There is approx. 5-6 pieces per 100g

Size guide for dogs:
5lbs-20lbs: S, M Light
20lbs-40lbs: S, M Light, M Hard
40lbs-50lbs: S, M Light, M Hard, Large Medium
50lbs+: M Light, M Hard, Large Medium Large Hard


* If your dog has good chewing habits and doesn’t try swallowing their chews, you can use any size.

*Always supervise your dog when they are eating/chewing.

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