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Wilde K9

Furry Rabbit Head

Furry Rabbit Head

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Ingredient: Dried, Locally Raised, Rabbit Head with fur + ears


Amount: sold per head

Our treats & chews are air dried at low temperatures in small batches. The moisture is removed from the meat via evaporation. The outcome of this process are naturally preserved treats and chews without the use of preservatives.


  • Includes the eyes, brain, and tongue for maximum nutrition
  • Rabbit contains more protein than beef or chicken and is a rich source of B-vitamins, iron, phosphorus and potassium
  • Benefits of fur: great source of manganese, great source of fiber and helps naturally express anal glands. Manganese is a mineral that falls into the category of micro minerals, also known as trace minerals.

Always supervise your dog when feeding, Although these chews and bones are safe to eat and digest, it is best to ensure that your dog is safely and thoroughly chewing.


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