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Wilde K9

Raw Rabbit Feet

Raw Rabbit Feet

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Amount: 10 rabbit feet/bag

  • Rabbit feet are washed, individually scrubbed and soaked by me, to rid of any bacteria (aka poop- bunnies step on a lot of poop)
  • Since they are wet when cleaned, the fur on the rabbit feet isn’t dry on the raw rabbit feet;  as it would take a long time to dry naturally without the raw meat spoiling
  • For this reason, the rabbit feet are frozen together, as water binds to the fur when frozen. I squeeze out as much water from them as possible, but the fur is still wet at the time of freezing.

Ingredient: Locally Raised Rabbit Feet


  • Benefits of the fur: The richest sources of manganese are found in fur and feathers! Manganese is required for the development and maintenance of healthy ligaments
  • It is also an excellent source of fiber and helps clean your pups digestive tract. (Also used as a natural dewormer to assist in clearing out worms)

Feeding: fed as bone + meat content in DIY raw diet

Always supervise your dog when feeding raw bones, and throw away any small sized pieces. Although raw bones are safe to eat and digest, it is best to ensure that your dog is thoroughly and safely chewing.

Storage: 3 days in the refrigerator. Keep frozen

1st photo: @puddi.and.peach

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