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Wilde K9

Whole Prey Quail

Whole Prey Quail

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Amount: sold individually

Ingredient:  Locally Raised Whole Prey Quail


  • Quail is an excellent choice for pets with allergies or food intolerances, as it is a low allergen white meat
  • Whole prey quail can be added to your pet’s dish as part of a rotational protein for a balanced raw diet
  • Quail is high in iron and important essential nutrients for healthy bones and muscles
  • Whole adult prey includes skin, feathers/fur, organs, glands, blood, and intestinal tract
  • Raised in Ontario without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and humanely dispatched using CO2
  • Whole prey requires pets to chew, rip, and tear away at whole prey for consumption. This experience provides mental and physical enrichment not found in other feeding methods

Feeding: Fed as a recreational chew/addition to meal. 1-2x per week

Always supervise your dog when feeding raw bones, and throw away any small sized pieces. Although raw bones are safe to eat and digest, it is best to ensure that your dog is thoroughly and safely chewing.

Storage: Keep frozen. 3 days max in refrigerator


1st photo: @puddi.and.peach

2nd photo: @tailsofthewilde

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